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We’re well aware that e-commerce sellers and retailers are always looking to grow their business. Whether that’s having the time to discover new markets or explore alternative channels to generate revenue - businesses don’t want to concern themselves with endless boxes and tape.

FastFilment provides all of the infrastructure needed to receive, store and ship orders. We take logistical matters from a business’s plate so that they can focus on tasks that make the best use of their time.

Benefits of using FastFilment

Flexible accounts

We offer a flexible pay-as-you-go service that allows sellers to scale up and down as necessary. No matter your requirements, we can create a logistics plan that is bespoke to your business with no big upfront commitments, no matter how small or big your business is.

End-to-end service

We provide an end-to-end third party logistics service to receive, store and ship our client’s orders to their customers, leaving them delighted with fast delivery and great customer service.

In-house WMS

We built our own Warehouse Management System (WMS), Optics, from scratch. It’s the backbone of our operations and we’ve perfected its process over the last ten years with our own e-commerce - Shavers - ironing out all of the kinks found with similar systems.

Competitive rates

We’ve been working with different shipping suppliers for years, building strong relationships to support competitive shipping rates for our clients to keep costs down for your business.

Speed of fulfilment

Urgency is everything and buyers want their item now. We’ve streamlined our logistical operations to ensure we can provide a fast and efficient service - whether its economy or speed - we’ve got your business covered with happy customers.

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